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The aim of a water access, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project is to reduce incidence of water-borne disease in order to bring better health, livelihood and educational opportunities to deprived communities. On the one hand, this means establishing local systems for maintaining a clean water source in good operational condition every day. Just as important, it also means that contamination is avoided by supporting the communities in construction of adequate sanitation amenities and in behaviour transformation, moving on from outdated hygienic practices.
Whave Solutions is working with District Local Governments in Uganda to develop a national programme that focuses on the two goals of daily operational reliability of clean water and transformation of sanitation and hygiene. The programme franchises local WASH micro-utilities to establish and maintain improved water sources and promote hygiene. The emphasis is on building a successful local businesses, and to do this, revenue from WBCs is used to pay the local WASH franchisees according to their performance in achieving the goals of reliable clean water supply, improved hygiene, and improved water quality in the home and at the source.
The Safe Water Security programme so far engages 220 communities in 5 districts in eastern and central Uganda, improving the livelihoods of over 60,000 people. Clean water supply reliability has risen to above 95% in all communities consistently, and hygiene levels are so far showing a 10% increase per year. With revenue from WBC sales, the programme will expand to reach more communities in rural Uganda and acts as a model for replication in other countries.
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Safe Water Programme in Rural Uganda

Providing and maintaining save water access in rural Uganda