WBC Pilot Projects

Project Development

The PPP aims to develop several projects using Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs) as a means of financing their underlying project activities. A project pipeline representing diverse project categories and approaches will continue to be developed over the course of the PPP, and will involve the expertise of several important actors.

Each water project certified under the Gold Standard is implemented by a project developer that has the engineering expertise necessary to implement and run the project on site. Project developers can include NGOs, businesses and international organisations that actively promote sustainable water practices across the globe. These can range anywhere from implementing water-efficient agricultural techniques among smallholders, to providing clean drinking water to communities, to purifying industrial or municipal wastewater. A project developer applies their technical and organizational expertise to implement a project according to the Water Benefit Standard and relevant methodology and monitor its impacts on beneficiaries as well as the environment year after year.

First Climate acts as the programme manager coordinating all pilot projects registered under the roof of the PPP during its duration, and provides human and technical support to project developers. First Climate is intimately involved in developing methodologies and providing consulting services to developers to ensure that they complete the required project documentation correctly and implement their projects according to the standard guidelines. Within the PPP, First Climate also leads the marketing and sale of WBCs generated by pilot projects on behalf of project developers.

The Gold Standard Foundation acts as the standard administrator and issues WBCs for successfully audited project activities. For the duration of the PPP, the Gold Standard through its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is also heavily involved in methodology development and providing feedback to project developers.

 Water Benefit Partners principal


As part of the 2nd phase of the public-private partnership, the Water Benefit Partners are taking proposals for new water benefit projects to scale up the supply of WBCs. Projects developed under the umbrella of the PPP will be eligible for registration subsidies including free methodology development, reduced validation and verification costs and in-kind contributions from First Climate to help complete necessary documentation. All project developers, including those interested in developing a normal water benefit project outside the umbrella of the PPP, are encouraged to fill out the following project idea note (PIN) template::

Water Benefit Partners PIN

Please submit all PINs to info@waterbenefitpartners.org.


Running Projects

Sugarcane-India – Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) – AgSri

Safe Water Programme in Rural Uganda – Whave Solutions Ltd.

WaterAccess-India – Clean Water Access – WaterHealth India

Sanitation-Mongolia – WASH Programme for School Children – World Vision Australia


Efficient Agriculture-Morocco

Efficient Agriculture-India