Background WBS

From providing clean drinking water in rural communities to conserving water in agriculture – Water Benefit Standard projects will receive Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs) for their positive results. Each certificate represents a specific volume of water that has been sustainably supplied, purified or conserved during the project activity. Stakeholders can purchase these certificates – guaranteed water outcomes – providing an annual revenue stream to sustain the project activity year after year. Each WBC project must show a clear financial need for additional finance from selling WBCs to be eligible under the WBS. Beyond water benefits, each project must also achieve positive and measurable socio-economic impacts.

WBCs enable corporate, NGO and government players to finance projects of their choosing. WBCs guarantee that projects have undergone a rigorous initial certification and annual independent verification process that delivers real, verifiable and quantifiable water and socio-economic benefits according to the principles of the Gold Standard. Hence, WBCs ensure the long-term sustainability of projects through an additional cash flow to the projects from the selling of WBCs based upon annually verified results.

At the same time, WBC buyers can communicate their actions, e.g. as part of a water impact financing programme or a corporate water replenishment strategy. Importantly, this market-based approach can achieve the scale necessary to address our global water crisis.


The Water Benefit Certificate Project Cycle


The Water Benefit Standard
A Results-Based Finance Approach To Address The Global Water Crisis